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Today is Star Wars Day (May the Fourth) but any day is a great day to celebrate this long-running franchise. If you want to show it off all the time, you can do that with a Star Wars-themed phone case for your iPhone 11. We've picked out some of our favorite cases for the die-hard Star Wars fan. May the Fourth be with you.

N/A iPhone 11 Case Star Wars

All-around favorite: N/A iPhone 11 Case

Staff Pick

This TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) soft gel case is flexible but strong. The high definition graphic prints available include both newer and older characters, such as Rey, Darth Vader, Yoda, stormtroopers, and more.

$15 at Amazon
ModifiedCases Bumper iPhone Case

Great scenes: ModifiedCases Bumper iPhone Case

Some of our favorite Star Wars scenes both retro and modern are represented here, from the classic Episode IV case pictured above to Baby Yoda sipping from a tiny mug from The Mandalorian. The cases have a non-slip bumper to prevent drops. Note that they are not compatible with wireless charging.

$15 at Amazon
EDEAL IMAGITOUCH TPU + PC 2 in 1 Armor Case iPhone 11

Dark side: EDEAL IMAGITOUCH TPU + PC 2 in 1 Armor Case

Come to the dark side with this cool Darth Vader case. This is a dual-layer hybrid case. The inner layer is soft TPU while the outer layer is a hard PC (polycarbonate) plastic for plenty of protection (you might even say, redemption) in case of evil falls.

$15 at Amazon
Sunshine Tech Defender Case for iPhone 11

Great value: Sunshine Tech Defender Case for iPhone 11

Keep your buddy R2D2 with you at all times with this adorable case. It's a well-priced dual-layer case, with a soft silicone gel inner layer and hard plastic shell. The back has a faux leather panel with the R2D2 decal.

$10 at Amazon
ZQ-Link iPhone 11 Case

Floral touch: ZQ-Link iPhone 11 Case

I got a kick out of this whimsical case featuring a stormtrooper, TIE fighter, and the Millennium Falcon all surrounded by flowers — because why not. The case itself is a glossy TPU with a raised lip around the screen and the camera module.

$10 at Amazon
MOBIFLARE Slim Case for Apple iPhone 11

Slim and cool: MOBIFLARE Slim Case for Apple iPhone 11

This slim Star Wars case is available for all of the iPhone 11 series handsets. This is an ultra-slim flexible gel TPU case, so it offers some protection without adding much bulk to your iPhone.

$17 at Amazon
La Belle Case iPhone 11 Wallet Case Star Wars

Wallet style: La Belle Case iPhone 11 Wallet Case

This TPU case has a back panel that unsnaps to reveal a mini-wallet that holds a few cards or cash. It also serves as a built-in kickstand for watching videos. The back panel has a picture of everyone's favorite droid duo, R2D2 and C3PO.

$20 at Amazon
Redbubble Lightsaber Rainbow iPhone 11 Case

Fan art: Redbubble - Lightsaber Rainbow iPhone 11 Case

Redbubble is a platform for artists. The artist uploads and image and Redbubble puts the image on iPhone cases and other items to order, giving a portion of the proceeds to the artist. I love this Lightsaber Rainbow by halfabubble but there are tons of other unique and fun Star Wars fan art designs from which to choose.

$22 at Redbubble
Real Rosewood case for iPhone 11 - Millennium Falcon

Genuine Hardwood: Real Rosewood Case for iPhone 11

Etsy is a storefront for artists and craftspeople, and you'll find quite a few Star Wars-inspired designs there. This gorgeous hardwood and rubber case from HardWoodua shows the Millennium Falcon in all its glory. You can even have this case personalized; each one is handmade and coated in Danish Oil.

$23 at Etsy
Limited Editions Hybrid Rugged Hard Cover for iPhone 11 Boba Fett Star Wars

Boba Fett: Limited Editions Hybrid Rugged Hard Cover

This attractive retro-style case blends an orange Star Wars sunset with Boba Fett in The Empire Strikes Back (Episode V). This is a rugged dual-layer case that blends flexible TPU and hard PC plastic. You also get a multi-purpose clip that can be used as a stand or a cord keeper.

$13 at Amazon
TeeTan Compatible with iPhone 11 Case

Mandalorian buddies: TeeTan Compatible with iPhone 11 Case

Mando and The Child (Baby Yoda!) fan art adorns this TPU case. TPU is lightweight, rubbery, and flexible, and gives your iPhone a little bounce in case of drops. Of course, the main attraction here is Baby Yoda.

$18 at Amazon
PopSockets PopGrip Baby Yoda Star Wars

Get a grip: PopSockets PopGrip

If you don't really want a new case, but you want to add some Star Wars flair to your iPhone 11, how about a PopSockets PopGrip? A PopGrip gives you a more secure hold on your phone and can act as a stand. They are swappable, so if you already have a PopGrip you can just switch out the top section to add this adorable Baby Yoda.

$15 at Amazon

Buying advice

Who doesn't love a little Star Wars flair on their phone? These cases are fun way to pay homage to a classic and enduring story. I like a simple TPU case like the N/A iPhone 11 Case. This one has a nice range of styles, from the original movies from the 1970s and 80s up through the current ones.

I also enjoy fan art, and seeing artists' varying takes on Star Wars. This "Lightsaber Rainbow" one from Redbubble is so fun, and there are plenty of other options. Plus, Redbubble gives a portion of the proceeds to the artist.

For people who already have a PopSockets PopGrip or a collection of them, this one featuring The Child is going to be pretty hard to resist. I'll buy pretty much anything with Baby Yoda on it, especially if he's holding his little mug of broth!

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