Best Star Wars Cases for iPhone 11 Pro iMore 2022

What better protection could you ask for, but the power of the Force for your iPhone 11 Pro? Even if its purpose is sometimes more decorative than protective, all of these cases will add a protective layer to your phone and look totally awesome doing it. Star Wars fans rejoice! Here are the best Star Wars cases for your iPhone.

Cellworld Darth Vader

Dark & impressive: CellWorld Darth Vader Case

Staff Pick

The sleek lines and shiny surfaces of Darth Vader's iconic mask will strike an impressive figure on the back of your iPhone. There's no character more recognizable in the Star Wars series, while those dark tones with the simple design of the case keep it subtle and classy.

$17 at Amazon
The Child Iphone Xxs11 Pro Case

Cute and playful: Disney The Child iPhone Case

The Child, or "Baby Yoda" as he is more commonly known, has become an instant favorite among Star Wars fans since his debut in Disney's Mandalorian series. Not only has he become the subject of many a popular meme, but he can also be the star of your next iPhone case with this design from the Disney store.

$30 at Amazon
Modifiedcases Babyyoda

The original Baby Yoda: Modified Cases Baby Yoda Case

If you don't love the cartoony representation of Baby Yoda as he appears on the Disney Case, check out this adorable version by Modified Cases. This more realistic image of Baby Yoda is taken straight from a favorite scene in the Mandalorian series.

$15 at Amazon
Star Wars Bb 8 Droid Robot

Bright and colorful: Star Wars BB-8 Droid Robot Case

Love you some droids? Then here's the iPhone case for you! The bright orange case features the beloved BB-8 droid that was first introduced in Star Wars Episode 7. The look and feel of this case is bright, colorful, and fun.

$30 at Case Formula
Sunshine Tech R2d2 Droid

Astromech droid style: Sunshine Tech R2-D2 Defender Case

Another droid-inspired design, this one makes your iPhone look like a mini R2-D2! The geometric shapes and colors are an immediate giveaway for everyone's favorite Star Wars robot, but the fun design is more than just a picture of the droid. This design will have your phone looking ready to start beeping and blipping.

$10 at Amazon
Screen Shot 2020 05 01 At 8.31.30 Pm

Vintage artwork: Star Wars Case from Fine Art America

Here's a great case for die-hard Star Wars buffs. It's an authentic print of the original Star Wars poster used to publicize the first film in the 1970s. It's artistic and colorful, harkening back to the days of hand-illustrated advertising.

$40 at Fine Art America
Star Wars Darth Maul Iphone Case

Embracing the Dark Side: STAR WARS DARTH MAUL iPhone Case

Lovers of the Dark Side will enjoy this spooky case from Favocase. The case features a close-up of Darth Maul's red and black striped face. It's dark, bold, and makes a strong statement. Plus, it will certainly make your phone stand out!

$15 at Favocase

Forceful Protection

Whether it's for protection or just a fashion statement, a Star Wars case will certainly give your iPhone a unique edge. Our favorite is the Darth Vader case for its dark, sleek design and classic look. After all, there's no character more famous than Anakin's Dark Side alter ego.

Droid lovers will probably prefer the bright and colorful BB-8 Droid Robot iPhone Case with the cute droid set against a fun orange background. Other serious Star Wars connoisseurs will love the Star Wars Case from Fine Art America, which features the original 1970s poster used to advertise the very first film in the series. Now you just have decide, what kind of Star Wars fan are you?

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