Best Star Wars Cases for iPhone 12 iMore 2022

In honor of May the Fourth, we're honoring our favorite space fantasy saga with all the best Star Wars merch. From R2-D2 prints to rainbow Millennium Falcons, there's something for every wannabe Jedi on this list. So grab your lightsaber and behold the best Star Wars cases for iPhone 12.

Otterbox Symmetry Series Iphone 12 Iphone 12 Pro Disney Mando 77 80253 A

Most protective: OtterBox Mandalorian Symmetry Series

Staff Pick

If you need a case that's (almost) as tough as beskar, then only an OtterBox will do. This limited-edition clear Symmetry case is printed with the iconic image of the Mandalorian himself. It's colorful, artistic, and built with military-grade protection.

Iphone 1212 Pro Star Wars Boba Fett Retro Rainbow Case

Fun pick: Star Wars Boba Fett Retro Rainbow Case

If you love a colorful, fun vibe, then this rainbow rendition of Boba Fett will bring a smile to your face. It's printed in the U.S. against a white background for extra contrast.

$23 at Amazon
Roll Over Image To Zoom In Iphone 1212 Pro Star Wars Millennium Falcon

Retro feel: Star Wars Millennium Falcon Retro Stripe Case

The most iconic spacecraft that transcends every generation of Star Wars, this rendition of the Millennium Falcon has a retro color stripe to make it pop. It also includes the official Star Wars logo.

$23 at Amazon
Star Wars Case Darth Vader Compatible With Iphone

Straight out of the original trilogy: Star Wars Case — Darth Vader

Here Darth Vader is set against a detailed background that harkens back to the original Star Wars posters from the 1970s. The incorporation of the Millennium Falcon and its trusty X-wing sidekick will not be lost on Star Wars fans.

$18 at Amazon
R2d2 Astromech Droid Robot Pattern Shock

Beep bop boop: R2-D2 Astromech Droid Case

Transform your iPhone 12 into everyone's favorite astromech droid — R2-D2! The blue and white patterns are instantly recognizable; it's like cosplay for your iPhone!

$11 at Amazon
Iphone 12 Pro Max Star Wars  The Mandalorian The Child

An artistic choice: Star Wars: The Mandalorian & The Child Case

For those who enjoy all things artistic, this case puts a unique spin on Mandalorian imagery. The Mandalorian and Child are printed in a painterly fashion that is presented as Van Gogh style.

$23 at Amazon
Iphone 1212 Pro Star Wars Mandalorian Mythosaur

Simple, yet poignant: Star Wars Mandalorian Mythosaur Logo Case

For Mandalorian fans that seek a less obvious approach, the Mythosaur logo is simple, yet striking. The deep green and black have a certain masculine appeal.

$23 at Amazon
Baby Walnut Wood Case

Baby Yoda FTW!: Baby Yoda Walnut Wood Case

We all love Baby Yoda, also known as The Child or Grogu, and now you can enjoy his bright and colorful image on this walnut case. The printed imagery looks beautiful against a real wood background.

$13 at Amazon

May the Fourth be with you

Hurry and get one of the best Star Wars cases for iPhone 12 before they get snapped up on the Fourth! There are a range of choices on this list for fans of every kind, including the ultra-protective Symmetry Series case from OtterBox.

If you're looking for something more interesting and unique, the Baby Yoda Walnut Wood Case is like nothing we've ever seen before. It also has a TPU base layer to keep your iPhone safe and secure. Pick the best case for your Star Wars style, and May the Fourth be with you.

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