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iPhone XR is still one of my favorite Apple products. It has a fast processor, long battery life, and stellar camera performance at a low price. Even though it comes in some fun colors, slapping a case on it is still one of those things you should do. If you're like me, you want a case that speaks to your personality. If you're a Star Wars fan, we have you covered. You'll keep your iPhone XR safe and add a little joy to your life with one of these collectible Star Wars cases.

Give yourself to the dark side: OtterBox Darth Vader Emblem

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OtterBox is a leader in ultra-protective phone cases, and it has an impressive line of Star Wars collectibles. At first glance, the OtterBox Darth Vader Emblem case looks like a classic black case, and it is, but with the bonus of having Darth Vader on the lower right-hand side. This is a thin, sleek case that won't weigh down your iPhone XR but will shield against drops and fumbles.

Vintage: ModifiedCases Vintage 1 Star Wars

All your Star Wars favorites line the backside of the Vintage 1 Stars Wars iPhone XR case from ModifiedCases. This case isn't compatible with wireless charging, but it offers soft and durable protection against drops. Made from TPU, this case is resistant to impact, tears, abrasions, and weather. Plus, it's comfortable to handle. If you're into classic Star Wars, you're going to love the highly detailed artwork.

$15 at Amazon

To the spaceship: EtchCraft Star Wars Spaceship

EtchCraft makes gorgeous wooden phone cases with designs etched into the body. This Star Wars Spaceship case is customizable. Choose from black walnut, rosewood, or cherry wood. Cutouts are perfectly formed around ports and buttons, and the whole case is a work of art. For a unique phone case that will stand out, you can't go wrong with EtchCraft.

$28 at Etsy

A creative masterpiece: OtterBox Disney Galactic Boba Fett

He was one of the most feared bounty hunters in the galaxy, and now he's on the back of your phone. This Boba Fett-inspired iPhone XR case pops with color, and is slim and pocket-friendly while offering superb coverage against drops. The OtterBox Boba Fett case has raised beveled edges to protect the touchscreen and grippy sides, so you always keep a firm hold of your XR.

Shine a light: Lightsabers by Rose Cortes

The Lightsaber iPhone XR case by Rose Cortes is made of flexible materials that grip the edges of your phone and provide shock absorption. The anti-fingerprint finish means these colorful ink-printed lightsabers will always shine brightly. This case fits the iPhone XR perfectly and is compatible with Qi-standard wireless charging.


Stormtrooper love: OtterBox White Stormtrooper Emblem

The OtterBox Stormtrooper Emblem iPhone XR case is a glossy white wraparound with black highlights and a black and white stormtrooper emblazoned on the bottom right. The one-piece design pops on and off your phone with little effort while providing excellent protection and grip-ability. This case also comes with the OtterBox lifetime guarantee.

$38 at Amazon

Artistic Baby Yoda: BestCasedStore Baby Yoda Tough Case

Baby Yoda has never looked so magical. This masterpiece comes from the BestCasedStore on Etsy. It's a tough case built to withstand anything you can throw at it. Slender in style but big on protection, this adorable case is a parody of the famous "Farm Garden With Sunflowers" painting done in 1907. You're going to love it!

$32 at Etsy

The droids rule: OtterBox Clear Droid

Add the droid Star Wars heroes to your iPhone XR with this thin case from OtterBox. The OtterBox Droid case is transparent, so the color of your phone really shines through. Plus, you'll get your favorite Star Wars droids front and center, like R2-D2, BB-8, and C-3PO. This Otterbox case can withstand drops, installs quickly, and absorbs shocks. It also comes with the OtterBox lifetime guarantee.

$34 at Amazon

Simple perfection: BonzaiDesigns Darth Vader Silhouette

The BonzaiDesigns XR case is a one-piece snap-on protective cover. It's impact-resistant, made of polycarbonate, and it has a protective lip to keep your screen free of blemishes. Compatible with Qi-standard wireless chargers, this bright white case with a gorgeous silhouette of Darth Vader walking away in the center.


A bold statement: OtterBox Glactic Collection Darth Vader

Say it loud, say it proud. This OtterBox case from the Symmetry Series Galactic Collection features Darth Vader spread across the entire back of the case. This black case has silver and white highlights that pop. The OtterBox Darth Vader fits the iPhone XR and is ultra-slim. Made of synthetic rubber and polycarbonate, this OtterBox case is strong enough to guard against drops but slick enough to slip in your pocket.

$56 at OtterBox

Peace out: CasesOfThrones Stormtrooper Case

It's a stormtrooper with a sense of humor. CasesOfThrones grippy silicone case hugs your iPhone XR and stays on tight. It shields against damage from drops and scratches and looks oh-so-fine. This is a lightweight case designed of premium rubber silicone. The high definition stormtrooper is printed in premium ink on the back of the case, not the edges, so the ink never wears down with daily use.

$13 at Etsy

R2D2 front and center: OtterBox Stolen Plans R2D2

The OtterBox Symmetry Series Galactic Collection wouldn't be complete without a little R2D2 love. The sides of this Otterbox are black, and the back is a rainbow splash of color that features our beloved R2D2. This slim profile case slips into pockets and purses with ease and has a screen bumper to shield your touchscreen. The one-piece design slips off your iPhone XR with no trouble, and it's easy to clean.

$56 at Otterbox

Flashy stormtroopers: ModifiedCases Storm Trooper

Slap a giant Storm Trooper on the back of your XR with this case from ModifiedCases. This is a bumper style case that excels at giving an added layer of defense to the edges of your iPhone XR. It doesn't work with wireless charging but has perfect cutouts for buttons and ports. Plus, that graphic, man! Grab this gorgeous Storm Trooper case for a steal now.

$15 at Amazon

One-of-a-kind: OtterBox Galactic Collection Kylo Ren

It's a little (OK, a lot) pricier than most phone cases, but the OtterBox Kylo Ren Symmetry Series Galactic Collection case is one-of-a-kind. You won't see this one on many phones, which makes it a must-have for collectors. This is a slim case made from synthetic rubber and polycarbonate. It has built-in screen bumpers and beveled edges, and it looks so cool on an XR.

$80 at OtterBox

Yoda!: ModifiedCases Baby Yoda

No Star Wars collection would be complete without The Child, otherwise known as Baby Yoda. Like all ModifiedCases designs, this one doesn't work with wireless charging. If you can handle that, the case is adorable and lifelike. It's also lightweight, pocketable, and gives your phone robust protection against drops to boot.

$15 at Amazon

Limited Edition: OtterBox Chewbacca and Porgs

There are two shock-absorbing materials molded together in this OtterBox case. It gives the phone case its streamlined look and excellent screen and bumper protection. On top of that, you get a limited release reproduction of Chewbacca. What more could you need if you're a Star Wars fan? Grab it while you can because these go fast.

$60 at Disney

The force will be with you. Always.

There are a lot of phone cases out there, but few that offer the protection of OtterBox. Our favorite Star Wars case for the XR is the OtterBox Symmetry Series Darth Vader Emblem. It's a classy case with a 3D emblem of Darth Vader on the lower right-hand corner. It's sleek and thin while offering top-notch protection.

Grab this case from ModifiedCases featuring Baby Yoda. It's cute as a button, and the case gives your phone an added layer barrier to keep it free of scratches and dings. The big, bold beautiful OtterBox Darth Vader is a must-have. The artwork is gorgeous, and the case includes a lifetime guarantee.

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