Best Thin Cases for iPhone XS iMore 2022

So you have an iPhone XS and want to protect it from minor scratches and bumps without sacrificing the original feel of the phone? If your answer is yes, then you're searching for an ultra-thin case. We've also got you covered if you just want one of the best iPhone XS cases. Here are some of the best iPhone XS thin cases you can buy.

totallee thin iphone xs case black

Best for most: totallee Thin iPhone XS Case

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If you want the thinnest of the iPhone XS thin cases out there, then totallee has you covered. This totallee Thin iPhone XS Case is only 0.02mm thick, so you'll barely feel anything at all. It's thin enough to protect your device from scratches, but don't expect anything beyond that. It's made for people who want to have a naked iPhone, but don't want anything to scuff it up at the same time.

From $8 at Amazon
Peel original thin case black and white iphone xs

The original: Peel Super Thin iPhone XS Case

Peel cases are paper-thin at 0.35mm and fully or semi-transparent, depending on the color you choose. Even if you go with a color, such as Rose Gold, the semi-transparent (frosted) matte finish still lets your phone's natural beauty shine through. There's also no branding whatsoever, so your device retains its natural glory.

$29 at Peel
Gviewin Marble Iphone Case Cropped

Fashionable: GVIEWIN Marble iPhone XS Case

This gorgeous GVIEWIN iPhone case with a dramatic marble design fits the iPhone XS perfectly, giving it a classic look. Raised edges around the camera and the iPhone screen give you extra protection where you need it most, while maintaining an ultra-slim profile. You get several color options.

From $14 at Amazon
spigen thin fit iphone xs case black

Reliable: Spigen Thin Fit Case

The Thin Fit case is one of Spigen's most slim and lightweight offerings at 0.4mm. It's rigid enough to protect your device from everyday scratches, and all of the cutouts are precise for easy access. It protects your phone from pesky scratches while not sacrificing how your iPhone was meant to be used.

$11 at Amazon
esr slim fit soft tpu iphone xs black glossy

Flexible: ESR Slim Soft TPU case

The ESR Slim Fit is a jelly-like case that is flexible and protective. It's just one millimeter thick, so it won't bulk up your phone while protecting it from everyday wear and tear. The case is clear so you can show off your iPhone XS in style.

$10 at Amazon
torras slim fit soft marble iphone xs case

Trendy: TORRAS Slim Soft Marble Case

Marble designs are quite popular right now, so this case from TORRAS would be a great fit for fashionistas. It's a thin (0.047 inches) and flexible jelly case with a glossy marble design.

$18 at Amazon
TOZO Ultra Slim Thin

Budget pick: TOZO Ultra Slim Thin

If you're on a budget, then this case from TOZO should fit the bill. It provides everyday protection from scratches and nicks, and at 0.35mm, it adds little bulk to your phone, so you'll enjoy it as it was meant to be.

$9 at Amazon
Spigen Thin Fit 360

Protective: Spigen Thin Fit 360

Spigen's Thin Fit 360 is a relatively thin case at 0.8mm, but it goes the whole nine yards. You get full coverage on all sides, and it comes with a glass screen protector. Miraculously, it adds very little bulk to your device.

From $16 at Amazon
Mcuca Iphone X Xs Case Render Cropped

So many colors: MCUCA iPhone X/XS case

This simple silicone case provides a silky soft touch and grip when using your device. It adds minimal bulk to your device and offers easy access to all ports and buttons. The inside of the case is lined with microfiber material, so it will never scratch your phone. Choose from nearly 20 different colors.

$13 at Amazon
Red Apple Silicone Case iPhone XS

Apple selection: Apple Silicone Case

If you don't mind splurging, you can't go wrong with Apple's own Silicone cases. They're thin and fit snugly on your device without adding more bulk. The silicone is soft and grippy, and the inside is lined with microfiber so it won't scratch it up.

Caudabe sheath iphone xs green

Minimalist: Caudabe The Sheath

The Sheath is a super-thin (0.9mm), gel-like, flexible polymer case that provides excellent shock absorption while maintaining a minimal aesthetic. It also comes in several colors. It is one of the bulkier cases on this list, however.

$28 at Caudabe
caudabe the veil xt iphone xs white

Gold standard in minimalism: Caudabe The Veil XT

The Veil XT is super thin, clocking in at only 0.35mm thick. It provides good everyday wear and tear protection, and the frosted color option lets your device's natural appearance peek through.

$25 at Amazon

The slimmer, the better when it comes to iPhone XS thin cases

There you have it, folks — these are some of the thinnest and most lightweight cases you can get for your iPhone XS. They're great for protecting your device from minor scratches and nicks, but keep in mind that these aren't designed for major drops or when your device gets run over. Of course, there are great heavy-duty iPhone XS cases for that, too.

For the thinnest of the thin, we'd go with the totallee Thin iPhone XS case. It definitely gives you that authentic no-case feel while protecting it from bumps and scuffs. This is the case for people who really don't want a case, but want to avoid at least scratching up their iPhones. Just don't expect it to keep your iPhone safe from major drops.

If you're willing to go just a little bit thicker, the Apple Silicone Case is a stunner. Its design is simple yet perfect for the iPhone, created by Apple to hug the iPhone's every curve. Rather than take away from your iPhone's looks, Apple's Silicone Case enhances it with an array of beautiful colors and a familiar Apple logo on the back. While still being a very thin case, this one adds a bit more protection with its soft silicone outside and microfiber lining inside.

Even if you're going for the minimalist look, we'd still recommend protecting your screen. We've rounded up the best iPhone XS screen protectors for you.

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