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Best Thin Cases for iPhone XS Max in 2020

When you're carrying a phone as large as the iPhone XS Max, you want to protect it without adding a lot of extra bulk. Plus, there's the gorgeous profile you don't want to obscure entirely. So a thin case is a compromise between bulk and protection. No, it won't be as protective as a bulkier case, but it's better than nothing. Think of it as scratch protection plus very, very light drop protection. Most of the cases on this list are 1mm or less in thickness. Here are some of the best thin cases for the iPhone XS Max.

Bottom Line

A thin case isn't terribly protective, but it's more protective than no case at all. My personal favorite and the one on my phone right now is the Totallee Case (opens in new tab) in the clear, soft version. It's not as thin as some cases on this list but does provide a little more peace of mind.

If you'd prefer no case at all, you can add a layer of protection with a set of Jingoobon glass protectors (opens in new tab) or a RANVOO bumper (opens in new tab). While these won't protect the iPhone from significant drops, they can help prevent minor dents and scratches. Case or no case, there are many minimalist options to safeguard your iPhone XS Max on this list.