Best Ultra-thin Cases for iPhone 7

What are the best ultra-thin cases for the iPhone 7? These are the early winners!

Updated March, 2017: Added more ultra-thin case options, updated product descriptions.

Yes, you love that new jet black, or black, or rose gold iPhone 7, but if you want to keep it looking like new, you'll need a case! You could get something bulky and protective, but keeping things minimalistic and sleek can really show off the modern contours of your new toy.

Ultra-thin cases are great options if you're looking for something to add a little extra security without feeling like you're carrying around 2 iPhone 7s stacked on top of each other.

Here are some of the best ultra-thin cases to check out if you just picked up your new iPhone 7!

The Scarf

If you're looking for an iPhone 7 case that's almost invisible, fits like a glove, and comes in a range of fun, customizable colors, then take a peek at The Scarf from totallee.

At approximately the thickness of a fingernail, the Scarf is designed not to be noticed -- its primary goal is to blend in with your phone and offer unobtrusive protection... The Scarf is a case for those of you who are looking for scratch protection to keep your iPhone pristine, but without any added bulk. (Juli Clover, MacRumors)

While The Scarf isn't the most protective case by any means, it will protect your iPhone from regular wear and tear like scratches or small falls. A brushed finish allows for a little bit of extra grip, while its translucent design really allows the minimalist beauty of your iPhone to shine through.

You can pick up The Scarf in six different colors, including frosted white, jet white, matte black, jet black, grey, navy blue, burgundy red (hint hint Product(RED) iPhone owners), and deep green.

Oh! And the case only costs around $19!

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Ringke Extreme Lightweight Cover

Thin, super lightweight, and designed to withstand falls and drops, the Ringke Extreme Lightweight Cover is a great minimalist case for your iPhone 7.

The Ringke cover is designed with a raised bezel to protect the screen of your iPhone 7 if you lay it down flat, while the entire case is certified Military-grade drop-tested despite its slim design. The cover is also incredibly thin, adding just 1.3mm to the overall bulk of your iPhone.

While the Ringke comes in a classic, clear style, it also comes in a few variations of the transparent design, too, including a tinted rose gold crystal color for your rose gold iPhone 7, and a smoke black tint for your black or jet black iPhones 7.

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Peel Super Thin iPhone 7 Case

With the Peel on your iPhone 7, your new gadget may feel naked and exposed, but it's actually being protected from dirt, scratches, and more with the help of this super-ultra-mega-thin case!

The Peel is a minimalistic case with a modern design that's meant to fit your iPhone 7 like a second skin. At just 0.35mm, the case secures firmly to your iPhone with an additional little bezel around your camera to prevent scratching your lens.

While the Peel is not the most protective case by any means, it does have its protective factors.

"I have been through … a bunch of cases and Peel has by far been the best. I have dropped my phone a ton [without a] shattered or scratched screen." – Marc Hemeon, Oakley, Youtube, Google & HODINKEE designer.

The Peel comes in four different colors that are designed to match your new iPhone 7 perfectly, including rose gold, gold, silver, and black.

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i-BlasonClear Halo Series

The simplistic design of a clear case with a big, fun pop of color: Be sure keep the i-BlasonClear Halo Series in mind as you peruse your thin case options!

The i-Blason is made with a scratch-resistant material and shock-absorbing bumpers to protect your iPhone 7. The case also comes with a raised bezel to save your screen from accidental scratches, scrapes, or spills.

While the majority of the Halo Series cases are designed to match your iPhone 7 color-wise, there is an option for a bright blue border (that looks great with your black or jet black iPhone 7)!

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Spigen Air Skin

At only 0.36mm, the Air Skin truly is an ultra-thin case for your iPhone 7. It's designed with a soft, yet durable, material. And thanks to its slight matte finish, the Air Skin makes fingerprints a thing of the past.

Simply slide the Air Skin onto your iPhone 7 and you'll have a second skin ready to protect your new partner in crime from day-to-day damage.

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GOOSPERY i-Jelly Case

With just 1.8mm of additional thickness, the GOOSPERY i-Jelly Case is a bright, vibrant (yet still clean and modern-looking) case for your new iPhone.

Designed with a flexible material for better shock absorption, the i-Jelly is made with a coat of sheen for discoloration protection. The sheen coating also helps keep your iPhone 7 from sliding off certain surfaces if it's in the case.

The GOOSPERY design has a raised bezel around your iPhone's screen, along with a bezel around the camera, so you don't have to worry about scratching your lens while carrying your iPhone in your pocket.

The case comes in a ton of different colors, including black, blue, gold, gray, green, hot pink, red, rose gold, and silver.

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What's your go-to?

Is there an ultra-thin, minimalistic iPhone 7 case you can't help but love? Let us know so we can try it out for ourselves!