Best Ultra-Thin Cases for iPhone 8 in 2022

ultra thin cases for iphone 8 hero
ultra thin cases for iphone 8 hero (Image credit: TORRAS)

Looking for an ultra-thin, super lightweight, barely-there case for your iPhone 8? We can help you with that! Bulky, military-grade protection sounds nice, but it usually comes with a bulky price tag. Those large, heavy-duty cases may be necessary if you're building skyscrapers or climbing mountains, but most of us prefer something slim and simple for day-to-day life. Here are the best iPhone 8 thin cases available, and all at a nice low price point!

Our Favorites

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With so many options to choose from, it can be hard to pick the right case. Personally, I love the J.west Ultra-Cute iPhone 8 Case for its sparkle and fun color options. There are eyepopping designs for every color and mood, such as Sparkly Teal, Leopard Print, and Mermaid Scale. At that price point, you can buy them all!

Not everyone feels glittery all the time though, so the Spigen Liquid Crystal iPhone 8 Case offers minimalist appeal. This case is constructed of flexible TPU, so it protects against impacts and scratches. Its super slim design and transparency will give your phone that naked feel. Good luck shopping and have fun browsing through the best iPhone 8 thin cases!

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