Best Wallet Cases for iPhone 8 iMore 2020

The iPhone 8 is already something you need to carry with you everywhere, so lugging around both your wallet and your iPhone can make for some extra bulky pockets or a lot of space taken up in your bag or purse. A good wallet case will not only provide you with the space for some cash, cards, and ID but also give your phone a little added protection from bumps and scrapes. We've rounded up the best wallet cases for iPhone 8 to help you cut down on space and up the convenience.

Luxury option: Twelve South Journal

Staff Favorite

Available in either black or cognac colors, the Twelve South Journal for the iPhone 8 features real premium leather that surrounds your iPhone entirely. It has a front cover that has three card slots and a clear ID card slot, so your bank cards, credit cards, and driver's license can be with you anywhere.

Multi-functional: Vena vCommute

Vena's vCommute is my favorite wallet case simply because it's cool as hell. It's a little thicker than some cases, but it provides fairly rugged protection, and the magnetic back closure is convenient and functional — hiding your cards and doubling as a handy kickstand.

No Front Cover: Spigen Slim Armor CS

If you're looking for a slimmer option without the front cover, then check out Spigen's Slim Armor CS, which features a sliding door on the back that hides the wallet compartment. This case features a layer of shock-absorbent TPU, which is flexible and prevents scratches, as well as an outer layer of hard polycarbonate plastic, which protects against bumps and drops.

Golden ratio: Dreem 2-in-1-wallet case

Dreem's Fibonacci wallet case is another cool one, featuring Dreem's circular logo on the back, and some really lovely stitching. What's really rad is that you can take your phone right out of the wallet case, and there's still an awesome PU leather bumper case to protect your phone — it's two cases in one.

Textured Grip: Smartish Wallet Slayer

Leave your wallet at home and slide your credit cards and ID into the back of this TPU case. You can fit up to three cards, and the silicone holds your cards tight, which is ideal since the slot is open, unlike the vCommute or Spigen Slim Armor CS. That just means you have constant easy access to the cards you need most.

Slim and stylish: WenBelle Blazer

Made with durable leather, the WenBelle Blazer series case has three card slots and a clear ID pouch on the inside so you can carry your most essential belongings. Plus, the WenBelle Blazer series case is quite thin, meaning you don't have to worry about carrying around a brick in your pocket.

A bit about wallet cases

I love using a wallet case with my iPhone. It allows me to keep my most important cards with me; my ID, credit cards, and a bit of cash, without needing a full wallet or bag. The folio-style wallet cases give you added screen protection, but for some, it can be annoying because the added bulk means the cover doesn't always lay flush.

The backside wallet style cases are ideal for people that are more interested in slim design than extra card pockets. If you think of yourself as a minimalist case fan, you should consider a backside wallet style case. If you're more interested in having all the room you need for your most important cards (plus a few dollars), you're going to do better with a folio wallet style case.

A fan favorite at iMore is Twelve South's Journal. It's soft tanned leather gains that supple patina over time, which helps lay down the cover, so it's not sticking up so much. If you prefer a slimmer case, Spigen's Slim Armor CS is as thin as a wallet case can get and still allow you to have a small stack of cards on the back.

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