The iPhone 8 is just as thick as the last iPhone, so carrying around both your wallet and your iPhone can make for some bulky pockets or a lot of space taken up in your bag or purse. We've rounded up the best wallet cases for iPhone 8 to help you cut down on space and up the convenience.

If you have a wallet case for iPhone 7, it'll fit your iPhone 8 too!

NOTE: While many of these cases might support wireless charging, DO NOT stick your iPhone 8 on a wireless charger with your credit and debit cards. Take them out of the case or take the case off altogether or you're gonna have a bad time.

Vena vCommute

Vena's vCommute is my favorite wallet case simply because it's cool as hell. It's a little thicker than some cases, but it provides fairly rugged protection, and the magnetic back closure is convenient and functional — hiding your cards and doubling as a handy kickstand.

You can fit up to three cards in the back of the vCommute, and there's a little slope and the opening, so you never had to fidget to try and get your cards out; they just slide out nicely.

The Vena vCommute comes in space gray and rose gold and starts at $19 on Amazon.

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Spigen Slim Armor CS

If you're looking for a slimmer option without the front cover, then check out Spigen's Slim Armor CS, which features a sliding door on the back that hides the wallet compartment. This case features a layer of shock-absorbent TPU, which is flexible and prevents scratches, as well as an outer layer of hard polycarbonate plastic, which protects against bumps and drops.

Like most wallet cases, you can fit around three cards in the back of the Slim Armor CS, and you have your choice of red, black, gunmetal, white, blush gold, or rose gold. Pricing starts at $16.

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Abacus 24-7

If you're looking for a more traditional wallet case, then Abacus 24-7's option is excellent. It's your classic flip case, with pockets for three cards in the front cover, along with a larger pocket for cash. Your iPhone 8 sits in a bumper case on the backside of the case. The magnetic closure is strong, and when you flip it back, the front cover becomes a kickstand.

This wallet case has an RFID blocker in it, so you know your cards are safe wherever you go. After some use, the flap loosens up nicely, and texting is actually enjoyable when you fold the front cover back, which can be a problem with some wallet cases. You can get yours in black or rose gold, and right now the black is only $4. Rose gold is $11.

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If you're looking for a wallet case that makes a bit more of a fashion statement, then FYY's case is the way to go, coming in nine vibrant color options, including teal, gold (shiny), red, and purple, as well as your standard black and brown. The finishes are also different depending on the color, with a more classic leather look, as well as some metallic finishes.

FYY's case features a removable lanyard, which is hand if you want to treat your phone and case more like a clutch. The front cover flips back into a convenient kickstand, so you can watch video hands-free, and this case includes an RFID blocker to protect your data and identity.

Pricing starts around $10 and varies by a dollar or two depending on your color choice.

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Dreem's wallet case is another cool one, featuring Dreem's circular logo on the back, and some really lovely stitching. What's really rad is that you can take your phone right out of the wallet case, and there's still an awesome PU leather bumper case to protect your phone — it's two cases in one.

Texting can sometimes be a pain in the ass with a wallet case, since you have to get your hands around your iPhone and the wallet cover, but you can just remove your iPhone in its pleather case and go to town and then pop it back in, thanks to a magnetic backing in the bumper case (just like a magnetic car mount). In fact, this case will work wonderfully with just about any magnetic car mount available.

You can check out the Dreem case in nine colors — just make sure you choose the right size at check out (available for both iPhone 8 and 8 Plus). $35.

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Silk Wallet Slayer Vol. 1

Silk's Wallet Slayer does just that — leave your wallet at home and slide your credit cards and ID into the back of this TPU case. You can fit up to three cards, as well as some case, and the silicone holds your cards tight, which is ideal, since the slot is open, unlike the vCommute or Spigen Slim Armor CS. That just means you have constant easy access to the cards you need most.

Silk's wallet case comes in black, blue, gray, and purple, and offers solid protection for your iPhone 8, making this case ideal for folks who like to live life a little more ruggedly. The Wallet Slayer also comes with a bonus screen protector so that your iPhone 8 is covered on all sides. If you're worried about the Silk name and a slipper case, fear not — the sides are textured, making for excellent grip.

Check it out on Amazon for $15, and it's also available for iPhone 8 Plus.

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Lameeku's wallet case blends the classic wallet case and the new back-wallet cases with a protective silicone bumper and a leather back, which features a large pocket. Inside the large pocket is a leather slider that features your three card pockets. The handy tab lets you pull out your cards so that you don't have to fiddle with things in the already busy supermarket line.

In the Lameeku case, you get an RFID blocker, and you're protected where your iPhone 8 needs it most: on the corners. You can check this one out in black, brown, mint green, and rose gold, starting around $14. If you're unhappy with the case you've received, Lameeku provides an 18-month warranty, so you're covered no matter what.

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What's in your wallet?

Can I say that without getting sued? What's your favorite wallet case? Let us know in the comments below!

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