Carrying around both your wallet and your iPhone can make for some bulky pockets or a lot of space taken up in your bag or purse. We've rounded up the best wallet cases for iPhone X to help you cut down on space and up the convenience.

Wireless charging with a wallet case

If you use (or plan to use) wireless charging with your wallet case, you may want to think long and hard about what type of case you want. Bank cards, credit cards, and other plastic cards work with different forms of magnetic transfer which can be ruined when exposed to the magnets in a wireless charger. Our very own Russell Holly put it quite simply:

"When you put these cards in between your iPhone and your case, using the case as a sort of one or two-card wallet, you are exposing these cards to far greater electromagnetic induction energy than they are built to handle as soon as you put your phone on a wireless charger. Your cards will quickly become useless when you put them in between your iPhone and a Wireless charger, and you won't know they are useless until you try to use them."

As a basic rule of thumb, if you have cards stored on the front of your phone — like in a folio case — you should be in the clear; however, for the cases that store cards on the back, make sure you take your cards out before using a wireless charger.

For more information on the subject, read the article linked below.

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Twelve South Journal

Twelve South has been making quality leather cases and products for years, and its Journal for the iPhone X is a perfect blend of style and functionality.

Available in either black or cognac colors, the iPhone X wallet sleeve features real premium leather that surrounds your iPhone entirely, with a front cover that has three card slots and a clear ID card slot — so your bank cards, credit cards, and driver's license can be with you anywhere.

Your iPhone X snaps into the cases hard plastic inside shell, and that fancy dual-camera system on the back of the iPhone X remains protected with plenty of extra space to prevent the lens from touching any flat surface.

The Twelve South Journal for iPhone X will run you about $70 on Amazon.

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Nomad Leather Folio

The Nomad Leather Folio case for iPhone X is made from luxurious Horween leather that's manufactured in the U.S. and will only cost you $50.

With three card slots on the inside front cover, the leather iPhone wallet case gives you the opportunity to carry all your essential cards and your iPhone X in one place. Plus, it also sports a pouch for cash, meaning you can carry around a few bills for when you need paper money.

It only comes in one color, and that's rustic brown, but the case is wireless charging compatible, so you won't need to take your iPhone X out of the case to fill up its juice.

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Pad & Quill Bella Fino

Pad & Quill is a purveyor of very fine leather products, from phone cases to wallets to laptop bags and cases, P&Q knows leather. That's why it's Bella Fino iPhone X case is one of the best leather cases around to house your $1000 phone.

The Bella Fino is a slim leather wallet with four pockets for cards and a large cash slot, as well as a bumper case, which holds your iPhone X in the case. The silicone bumper case adheres to the 3M adhesive pad, which is strong and leaves no residue on your phone or the protective case. The Bella Fino is also wireless charging-compatible.

Check it out in chocolate, whiskey, or galloper black for $90.

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Spigen Slim Armor CS

Just because you want to carry around some of your bank cards, doesn't mean you have to lose the quality protection that cases can offer; the Spigen Slim Armor CS is a perfect balance between rugged and functional.

For protection, this case features a layer of shock-absorbent TPU, which is flexible and prevents scratches, as well as an outer layer of hard polycarbonate plastic, which protects against bumps and drops. Perfect for anyone who worries about damaging their beautiful (and expensive) iPhone X.

As for the wallet side of things, the Slim Armor CS also sports a compartment on the back of the case that can fit about three or four cards, or a couple of folded up bills, making it easier to leave that bulky wallet at home.

The Slim Armor CS come in your choice of black, gunmetal, white, or rose gold and starts at about $16.

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Vena vCommute

Vena's vCommute is a personal favorite of fellow iMore writer Mike Tanasychuk, which he describes as "simply cool as hell."

It's certainly a little thicker than most typical wallet cases, but it provides fairly rugged protection, and the magnetic back closure is convenient and functional — hiding your cards and doubling as a handy kickstand.

You can fit up to three cards in the back of the vCommute, and there's a little slope in the opening, so you never had to fidget to try and get your cards out; they just slide out nicely.

The Vena vCommute comes in space gray and silver and starts at $19 on Amazon.

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Apple's iPhone X Leather Folio

From the makers of the iPhone X itself, comes a simple and beautiful wallet case that will fit your iPhone X perfectly.

Apple's iPhone X Leather Folio has two pockets on the inside front cover that can hold cash, cards, or even a few coins if you so choose. Plus, the plastic shell that your iPhone X clips into also helps protect the sides of your phone so you don't chip that stainless steel edge.

You can pick up the case directly from Apple for $99.

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Your favorite?

Are you using an awesome wallet case with your new iPhone X? Let us know which one in the comments below!

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